How are events from the early American Republic significant to our lives today? Using your notes from our Philadelphia Street-Fair and facts from the textbook answer the question by making specific connections to the topics we've studied to prove your point.

In class we organized our examples in a graphic organizer, wrote a first draft and played devils advocate with our partners inorder to sharpen our ideas.

The second part of this writing asignment is:

Step 1- Read all the comments from the previous assignment.

Step 2- Choose one comment which is thoughtful.

Step 3-

First, paraphrase the comment you are responding to: For example: “Mr. Aguirresoto thinks that…”

Then, write a question about the chosen comment. The question must be: clear, sincere, useful and be the sort of question which leads to more questions. The question you write must complicate the comment’s argument, make the reader of the comment you are questioning think deeper. Stir up some intellectual trouble. Find an example from US history which disproves their theory.