Bleeding Kansas (Border War)

The Abolitionists


Mayumi Gurung

Linnette Joy Picpican

Sophia Clara Valmeus

Julia Andriasyan

The Abolitionists of Kansas had migrated from other parts of The United States. "Bleeding Kansas" was a term coined by the New York Tribune when the events in Bleeding Kansas became front-page stories.

Kansas did not have much contact with any other groups. However, Kansas was part of the cowboys. People in Kansas acted like the cowboys. The people would think of them as if they were cowboys. Kansas was part of the West and that it why people believed at the time that people from Kansas are cowboys.


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John Brown was a martyr for the anti-slavery cause. His execution was on December 2, 1859.

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Important Events From the Abolitionists of Bleeding Kansas:

Sack of Lawrence - May 21,1856

Brooks Beats Sumner - May 22,1856

Pottawatomie Massacre - May 24, 1856